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4-piece with female lead vocals. Quoted price based on playing 2 hours over a 3 hour stay.

About Sambaia

Sambaia is a four-piece group that summons up the infectious sounds and rhythms of Brazil.  As well as carnival-style samba, their repertoire includes sultry bossa nova and grooving afrofunk, giving them the ability to delight both the listener and the dancer.
Sambaia features the unique vocal talents of Rebeca from Rio De Janeiro, who brings originality to some classic Brazilian tunes.  Also from Rio is the hugely talented multi-instrumentalist Marcelo, who showcases his saxophone and flute styles.  Guitarist Paul leads the band as well as being band leader of the celebrated group Viramundo.  He also sings and plays the cavquinho (the small Brazilian guitar) and has been working alongside the most talented Brazilian performers for more than 20 years.  Completing the quartet is Xavier from São Paulo, Brazil who brings his wonderful percussion and vocal talents.
Sambaia are able to deliver their original and full sound in a small band format because of the ingenious use of the guitar synthesizer which enables Paul to play guitar, bass and keyboard sounds at the same time.  This is combined with Xavier's small kit/cajon set-up providing drums and percussion, and with Rebeca's distinctive vocals and Marcelo's colourful lines on soprano saxophone and flute.
Sambaia normally perform for up to two hours over a three-hour period, and the band bring their PA system.

Price from: £875

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Sambaia are based in London. See Pricing for details of travel costs, etc.

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