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6-piece including caller. Play 2½ hours over 3 hour period. Recorded music in breaks.
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About ThingumaJig

Full Description: 

For ceilidhs, barn dances and line dancing, this is a great new band made up of old faces and experienced hands. ThingumaJig features John and Liz Scholey calling the dances; Pete McClelland on melodeon, fiddle and bouzouki; Mannie McClelland on concertina and mandolin; Mick Platt on bass and guitar; and occasionally Joe Scott Cree on bagpipes, flute, whistle and guitar; David Sheldon on keyboards; and Gerald Eyton-Jones on Drums.

For the less experienced dancers – ideal for a wedding or party – the caller will get down amongst the dancers, demonstrating and encouraging everyone and calling the dances. Inexperience is not a problem – ThingumaJig will suit the dancing to the ability of the dancers, whether it is for complete novices or seasoned folk dancers. The band can also flavour the event in whatever way you like with American, Scottish, Irish or English music and dances.

Our quoted price is for a six-piece band including a caller.

The band provides its own full PA system and will normally play for two-and-a-half hours over a three hour period. During breaks, the band can also play CDs through their PA system if requested.

Price from: £900

Travel and cost: 
ThingumaJig are based in Sussex. See Pricing for details of travel costs, etc.
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