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Top 10 Tips For Your Summer Corporate Event

With Henley Regatta, various race meetings and Wimbledon currently taking up the events calendar this summer, many companies take advantage of this sunny season to entertain their clients. Here’s the Function Junctions top 10 tips on organising a summer corporate event.

1. Consider your venue and space.
When looking at your venue always keep the word ‘comfort’ in mind for all your clients. Summer corporate events can be all day affairs so making sure there’s comfortable seating, chill out areas, enough toilets etc to keep your guests wellbeing in top shape. Always consider space for extra items like live entertainment.

2. What’s your end goal? 
Always envisage the end goal of your event and ask yourself why your company is holding the event in the first place. Are you wanting to improve customer loyalty? More sales? Always make sure your event has a return on investment that can be measured.

3. Entertainment personality.
A summer corporate event without entertainment is like drinking champagne without bubbles. Live bands and DJs help to re-energise the crowd and keep peoples interests. Always make sure to book an act that fits your company ethos and attitude. Pick classy and traditional artists for a refined event (pianists and classical artists), or something fun and quirky (steel bands, salsa bands and tribute/themed acts)  to keep your guests smiling.

4. Stay local. 
Keep an eye on a limited budget by seeking out local vendors and booking artists which are local to you. This means you’ll spend less on paying their travel costs and can meet up easily to discuss your event needs beforehand.

5. Decoration.
You’ve booked your venue, you have a seating plan and dance floor space planned - now fill your venue with amazing decor that fits your event theme. Fresh flowers too expensive for your budget?  Look at other options such as vases full of feathers, used silk flowers from eBay or fill your venue with candles and lanterns.

6. Getting technical.
Having music, a live band or even a TV screen at your event does mean you may have to get ‘technical’ at some point before or during your event. Does the chosen live band or DJ arrange his own equipment and set up? Sometimes handing the technical aspects of putting on an event should be left to an audio visual company for a stress free event instead. Who really wants to be searching for a mono to stereo jack lead when your guests start arriving?


7. Allergies.
It seems that everyone and even their dog has an allergy in this day and age, so always check with guests beforehand if they have any intolerances, preferences or serious allergies. It doesn’t just need to be food allergy related either. If your event is going to be outside or even on a boat, always let guests know so they can come prepared with the right medication if disaster strikes.

8. Time out. 
Chill out areas for your guests and comfortable seating is one thing, however your vendors, live band or DJ will also require refreshments and a rest area too, as well as a place to change and freshen up. Happy entertainers equals great performance.

9. Event coordination 
Start as early as possible when it comes to setting up your summer corporate event and make sure you give yourself enough time to also get ready. Having an event coordination team in place to help keep things in order throughout the day, no matter how big or small your event is, is definitely a good idea.

10. Plan B.
Have a plan B for every eventuality. The sun’s not shining or it’s too hot? Have a substantial covering or marquee to keep your guests out of the rain or in the shade. A vendor hasn’t arrived or is running late? Have a music play list ready just in case or book your live band or DJ with Function Junction to have a stress free event.