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Top Tips for Booking a Wedding Band

There are an abundance of bands and live acts out there which can be a minefield when it comes to searching and choosing the right entertainment for your big day. Function Junction presents a detailed guide on what to expect when booking live music for your wedding, and making your day run as smoothly as possible.

Consider your audience

You and your partner may be into a distinct genre of music and you’d like to incorporate this into your special day. However, your wedding guests may not appreciate your taste in heavy metal or banging dubstep – proving there is a distinct line to tread when considering a live act for your wedding, as pleasing your guests should also come into play. Function Junction’s favourite live bands which cover all musical genres include The Next Level, Jumpin and The 101’s.

Read the contracts carefully

Planning a wedding can make the sanest person stressed, which can lead to missing key information to do with your special event. A contact for a live band usually states length of stay and cancellation policy.

The Function Junction provides an event coordination form for you to fill in before your wedding day, covering important on-the-day details including first dance requests and room size.

Your venue

Every wedding venue differs and so does its rules on the use of music. From finishing times through to the type of music you can choose (acoustic, DJ, live music or none at all) due to sound limiters and other restrictions.

Performance and dance floor space is also an important factor when booking a band for your wedding. Work out the size of your dance floor first before considering the size of the band you can hire.

Remember that live bands may also bring their own lighting, PA system and small sound desk, which may take up more space than you bargained for. Function Junction bands usually bring their own PA system and lighting, so all you need to supply is a sufficient power supply.

Band supplies

A place for your band to sit or change in plus supplying food and refreshments, is a great way to help make the live act feel relaxed and prepared to deliver a superb performance to your guests. Look out for refreshment requirements within the contract.

On the big day

Always re-confirm all important details with your entertainment at least 1 week before the wedding, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page as you and your plans. Consider putting in place a contingency plans in case of an emergency (which is highly unlikely), as well as the contact details of an usher, bridesmaid or someone in the wedding party to call.

After the wedding

If you’ve enjoyed your live entertainment, one of the best ways to tell the world and thank them is to write a testimonial or spread the word by recommending them to others. At Function Junction, we love hearing your feedback!