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What to expect when booking a live band 

Booking a live band couldn’t be easier with Function Junction. Here are our top tips to make sure you’re fully prepared and organised for your event or party. Plus our tips will help you know exactly what to expect on the big day.

Timings and Setting Up
All timings for setting up, performing and packing away will be confirmed and agreed during the booking process. When the band or artist arrives at the allotted time they will need to unload all their equipment, set up the performance area and sound check. This time is crucial to make sure all equipment and vocal levels will be checked to make sure the band will sound amazing for their performance. 

Most bands can arrive earlier and finish later if necessary, but they will charge extra for their time. If you’re booking a band for a wedding, they will usually set up after the main meal when the room is being cleared.

Remember that function bands and artists will need free parking and easy access to the venue, sometimes for up to 4 vehicles if it’s a large band with stage lighting, PA system and more. This will also be confirmed before your event. The band will pack up and reload the equipment away after the agreed contract end time.


Most bands will provide their own PA system and amplifiers. This will be confirmed during the booking enquiry process, so you will know if any extra costs will be incurred. In many cases, items like basic stage lighting will also be provided.

If a PA system isn’t provided, Function Junction are always on hand to help suggest PA requirements to suit your venue size and amount of guests attending your event. A safe, constant supply of electricity will also be needed on the day, where our Function Junction bands usually need around 3 or 4 plug sockets, for smaller bands (duos and trios) will require one or two plug sockets.


Performing Space
The more room your live band has the better they’ll be able to perform and entertain your guests. Ideally, we suggest around 1.5 meters of space per band member and a drum kit and drummer ideally needs 2 square metres. 

Live bands must have a level hard floor, as grass or matting are not safe surfaces to perform on. Live bands don’t always need a raised stage to perform, but having a stage can make a bigger and better impact and allow improved viewing for your guests.


Band Necessities
Sometimes live bands can be at a venue for at least 6 hours and sometimes even up to 12 hours (not including travel time), so having a safe, secure and comfortable dressing room or changing area for the band or artist to wait and relax in before and between performance is always needed. Don’t forget a mirror either! Your band will need to look their very best too.

A hot meal per band member should be provided on the day of the event, along with water and drinks. If a meal can’t be provided at the venue, our bands also accept a £10 per head meal allowance to eat somewhere else.


Amazing Performances
Function bands and musicians rely heavily on great reviews, re-bookings and recommendations, so it’s always in a bands interest to be the very best they can and to deliver a top performance for your party and event.

Function Junction offers a seamless booking system, making sure you have all the information you require at your fingertips. Our quoted price for a live band or act always includes travel, booking fee and any VAT. Once your booking is complete, Function Junction will liaise with you about your event, to make sure all timings and details are fine tuned and confirmed.

To recap, here’s a quick tick list to make sure your band has everything for your event, wedding or party:

  • Free parking and easy access to venue.
  • A changing area or dressing room.
  • Any extra sound or lighting equipment needed (please check with your live act).
  • Power supply.
  • An adequate performance space.
  • A hot meal per band member.